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Codeva ~ Be part of the solution

Where it all start (the spark)

One of our main goal is to achieve a deep positive change in the every day life of individual, community and society in general. 


"We believe  in the great need and possibility for a change in the "traditional" way we do business, set our community, build house, communicate, educate ourselves and so on..."


Vincent El Mejor - Serendipity Maker





  Here at Codeva we thrive to build our community to be the best hub of information & action on every positive aspect of life as possible!

 Starting with my own experience from my travel & my passion for everything imaginable such as music, yoga, raw food, outdoor adventure, design & new technology to just name a few... Came my strong desire to create & co-create this new networking platform that would help connect the dot more easily between great idea & person, business & local community & so on!

 I wish to all humankind an healthier lifestyle filled with great discovery. And to enjoy everyday a better & more sustainable way of life.


Vincent  ~ Founder & Vision Keeper for Codeva


Hanna Quevedo- Subvertising Photo Ninja

An anthropologist to some, an artist to others, I simply describe myself as an observer. An observer who bears witness to people and the tracks they have left behind.


The collaboration between subject and photographer is a crucial element to me, in my life and my work. In landscapes as well as portraits: straight, honest, even silent communication is extremely important . The answer we get is often the response to a question we don´t need to ask. 

Analog is the beginning of magic, the origin of photography, the seed of which impression is spawned. I don’t fear technologies, and I certain don’t hate them, but I believe in a world where truth and honesty are easy to find, where enchanting mysteries are always revealing themselves if given the subtle and distinct awareness.


The unfolding of secrets is what I seek and what I am committed to expressing, in my life, my work, my art, and in the receptive eyes of those who view my life’s work of art.

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