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As a member you will be able to get access to all the latest news and development of our network - Discount & free offers from many of our affiliated partner & Co-op - Innovative products & services and many more!                         

Free your





Why signing up as a member (the cause)

First, to be a member is a personal choice from the heart, is to sincerely believe and wish for a change in a better world, a better place to express ourselves and our wellbeing!

As a member your support is important for us in our working process to connect and network all the alternative movement existing and emerging right now and to help us to move together as an united force toward a more "sustainable future!"

What is to be a member (the advantage)

To be a member is:

 -To be an integral part of our active decision making process

-To help create new  spaces of creativity, expressions, business, services & trades

-To get first hand invitation on all our on going seminar, workshops , events & many more

-To benefit from many great advantages & discounts from all of our affiliated partners & stores


And most important of all...  You get to feel good about yourself!



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